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Laser Toners, Drums at great prices

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Why buy Laser Cartridges & Printer Supplies from Printright

Ink laser toner cartridges at incredible prices from the professionals at

At we understand that almost everyone is daunted by the task of locating the correct supplies, either genuine manufacturer’s original supplies or reliable alternatives, made to be compatible with your printer or copier or fax or multifunction machine.

Having found the correct supplies the next challenge is finding really cheap online prices and a supplier that delivers quickly while avoiding costly delivery charges is built on 3 basic principles

To build a comprehensive portfolio of genuine original and top quality compatible products and link these with an index of every printer on the UK market and then make it easy to search.
Trawl manufacturers and distributors every day for up-to-date stock availability and lowest prices  to bring the very best deals.

Finally, make sure the normal delivery service is next business day and is always free

With many years of experience in the printer and copier industry our sales support and back up is based on technical know-how and a familiarity with the needs of our customers. We offer a hand-picked selection of office machines too, they’re always fantastic deals – otherwise we wouldn’t list them!  So whether you’re looking for something modest for a small office or a heavy duty workhorse for a demanding environment, our office machine recommendations feature great value for money and fast FREE delivery.

Why we think laser is better than inkjet

We are specialists in laser toner cartridges and the printers and multi-functional machines that use them for some really good reasons.

Our preference for laser over inkjet is not just based on print quality.  One factor that binds almost all owners together is the cost of the replacement ink toner cartridges. And this is where laser based machines are outright winners. We recommend inkjet cartridges where the usage is fairly low but, as many inkjet owners will know, the ongoing costs of printing even modest quantities on an inkjet machine is eye-wateringly high. There is a need to replace ink cartridges much more frequently, a real problem when you unintentionally run out and inconvenient if that means a shopping trip in the middle of a print job.

The prices of laser ink toner cartridges are higher than their inkjet equivalents but, whereas an inkjet cartridge may have a page life of a few hundred pages their laser counterparts last for many thousands of pages and naturally run out less frequently.  So the savings can be huge, over few years this may even add up to £1000s.

There are many other advantages in favour of laser; Laser machines are fast, reducing waiting times and even stopping a queue forming. Double-sided printing, larger paper capacities and longer life expectancy through better build quality make the laser our preferred choice. Of course the initial outlay is higher which is a clear disadvantage! However the inkjet’s only advantage is its low price tag (and if your printing needs are modest, we suggest an inkjet is the right choice) but beyond that it’s a man trap waiting for the unwary.