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Confused by Inkjets and Lasers?

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Genuine and Compatible Laser Toners and Drums Explained

PrintRight offers either Genuine supplies (made and supplied by the original manufacturer of your printer or copier) or, a lower cost, invironmentally friendly alternative cartridge, known collectively as `compatibles`.


Genuine (or original) supplies are marketed by the original manufacturer of your printer or copier. These supplies command premium prices and in many cases are responsible for high printing costs but they also represent unsurpassed print quality, page life and are the safe choice for reliability.


Compatible cartridges are marketed by specialist manufacturers, their products are intended to be used in place of the genuine, original supplies. Our compatibles are from the top of the market, almost entirely classed as 're-manufactured' cartridges. These quality assured products have been through a manufacturing process that retains the original moulded case, saving the empty shell from a landfill mountain and reduces manufacturing polution. The vital working parts and important seals are replaced inside the existing cartridge which is finally filled with the a high specification toner and tested. is not restricted to a single range of compatibles but we recommended a supplier for each machine and every cartridge offered has to meet our high standards for reliability, page life and absolute print quality.

Compatible Brands

PlanIt Green

All planit green laser toners are re-manufactured using only virgin cartridges with all necessary working parts replaced for new, including imaging drums, rollers, blades and microchips to ensure full functionality and compatibility. PlanIt Green toners are re-manufactured within the European Union under stringent quality control in accordance with ISO 19752, ISO 19798 and DIN 33870, guaranteeing you consistently high print quality, accurate yields and error free functionality for up to two years. Unlike machine originals every single PlanIt Green laser toner is tested before being packaged to ensure the product is of the highest possible standard.

Simply Toner

The range of Simply Toner remanufactured toner cartridges offer a unique combination of quality, consistent performance and cost saving. All the products are remanufactured and not copy or clone products. The production site is one of the most modern in the industry and rigorous quality control ensures that the product meets or exceeds the highest industry benchmarks for remanufactured products. 3 year warranty offered on all toner cartridges.


PrintMaster toner cartridges provide substantial cost savings compared to the originals – without any detriment to print quality or page yield. The same page yield, the same performance and print quality as the originals , PrintMaster toner cartridges are 100% guaranteed for two years from date of manufacture and are fully compatible as a direct replacement of the original product, guaranteed to at least match the performance of the original.  

The cartridges are produced within a Zero Waste Policy which completely avoids the use of landfill sites. Cartridges are completely dissassembled and cleaned, any worn or critical components replaced. Unused components are ground and re-used as valuable resources. PrintMaster is Manufactured to the highest quality in accordance to ISO standards, including ISO 9001 which governs quality and ISO 19752/19798 for page yield. All manufacturing complies to ISO 14001. Finally, cartridges are fully tested before being packed.

The DD Range

The DD range is a collection of over 500 high quality remanufactured cartridges aimed at price conscious users. DD is manufactured by a colour specialist, providing unique exceptional quality colour toner. A two year warranty and independently tested to at least match or exceed the originals in terms of yield, colour density and gamut (the entire range of perceived colour that may be obtained under specified conditions.)



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